Welcome to the Legislative Scorecard! Here you can view your Legislators and where they stand on supporting PCL’s efforts. Click on any column to sort by that category. (Note: House refers to State Assembly)

  • Total Score – Each bill we support or oppose is assigned a score (Strongly Support = 2, Strongly Oppose = -2). When there is a vote on the bill on the floor or in committee, the Legislator is assigned a score based on how they voted (voting No on a bill we oppose results in a score of +1). The Scores are then totaled for each bill we are tracking.
  • Poss Vote Score – The maximum score the Legislator could have earned by voting based on PCL’s positions. Absences and abstained votes are included in the score.
  • Vote Index – The percentage of the time the legislator voted according to PCL’s position.

Sponsoring a bill also earns the legislator a +1 per positive bill sponsored and a -1 per negative bill sponsored.

(Clicking on the Bill Score tab shows which bills contributed to each Legislator’s score)

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Click here to see the bills we are tracking in the California Legislature!